Top 10 Coop Survival Games for Team Adventures

Embark on thrilling team adventures with the top 10 coop survival games. Perfect for friends seeking challenges together!

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Top 10 Coop Survival Games for Team Adventures
Top 10 Coop Survival Games for Team Adventures

Coop survival games offer an exciting avenue for friends to tackle challenges and embark on adventures together. A well-designed game in this genre not only tests your survival skills but also emphasizes the importance of teamwork, strategy, and collaboration. Whether it's building a base, fighting off hordes of enemies, or simply exploring vast, mysterious worlds, these games promise memorable experiences with every play session. If you're on the lookout for the next cooperative thrill, you've come to the right place. Explore our curated list of the top 10 coop survival games, perfect for team adventures.

Discover the Best Coop Survival Games

In the world of gaming, few things can match the thrill of coop survival games. Working together with friends to overcome obstacles and forge ahead in treacherous environments adds a layer of excitement and teamwork not found in many other genres. From battling mythical creatures in Norse legends to surviving on a tiny raft in the vast ocean, coop survival games span a wide array of settings and challenges. Without further ado, let's dive into the top picks that will keep you and your team entertained for hours.

List of Top Choices


  • Procedurally generated world offering a unique experience every game
  • Focus on Norse mythology, including mythical creatures and gods
  • Extensive building and crafting system to create impressive mead halls and fortresses

Valheim stands out as a prime example of the best coop survival games, especially for those intrigued by Viking lore and expansive, explorable worlds. With its procedurally generated environment, no two adventures are the same, promising endless opportunities for exploration and conquest. Teams can band together to construct formidable bases, sail across vast oceans, and face off against creatures of myth. Valheim's blend of survival, crafting, and exploration, all set within a compelling Norse mythology-themed world, makes it a standout choice for gamers looking for co-op survival games on PC.


  • Starts on a small raft with endless oceanic adventures ahead
  • Resource gathering and raft expansion fundamental to survival
  • Island exploration and underwater diving reveal the world's mysteries

Raft offers a unique survival experience that starts on a tiny raft amidst a vast, open ocean. This game puts a twist on the multiplayer survival games PC genre by combining survival mechanics with exploration and adventure, both above and beneath the waves. Players must work together to gather resources, fend off marine threats, and expand their raft into a floating haven. It's a test of creativity and ingenuity, with the deep blue sea offering new mysteries to unravel. Raft is a shining example of innovative co-op survival games on PC, perfect for players eager to craft their sea-bound narratives.


  • Limitless building and crafting possibilities in vast open-world environments
  • Engages creativity and imagination through simple yet profound gameplay mechanics
  • Supports large multiplayer servers for a community-driven experience

Minecraft's enduring popularity underscores its position as one of the best multiplayer survival games PC has to offer. Renowned for its freedom and creativity, players can delve into seemingly infinite worlds and shape them to their heart's content. The game's cooperative mode allows friends to build, explore, and survive together, making every session a unique adventure shaped by the players themselves. Whether it's constructing intricate cities or fending off the creatures of the night, Minecraft's sandbox environment is the perfect setting for co-op survival games on PC.


  • 2D sandbox world filled with diverse biomes and mysteries
  • Intense combat against a variety of monsters and challenging bosses
  • Deep crafting and building systems allow for complex constructions

Terraria takes the sandbox survival experience into a captivating 2D world, combining exploration, building, and action-packed combat. It's a game that tests the limits of creativity and combat prowess, offering a rich, side-scrolling adventure. Players can join forces to dig through the earth, uncovering treasures, crafting gear, and building anything from simple homes to grand castles. Terraria exemplifies the heart of co-op crafting survival games, with its detailed world and intricate mechanics fostering a deeply rewarding cooperative experience.

Don't Starve Together

  • Unique, eerie art style that sets a distinct tone for gameplay
  • Survival against not only hunger and the elements but also bizarre creatures
  • Encourages strategic planning and resource management in a cooperative setting

Don't Starve Together brings a unique twist to the survival coop games genre with its distinct, Gothic art style and challenging survival mechanics. This game plunges players into a dark, whimsical world where danger lurks around every corner. It’s not just about battling hunger and the elements but also about facing off against the strange, often terrifying creatures that populate the world. Players must work closely together, strategizing and managing resources wisely to survive. Its focus on cooperation and survival under harrowing conditions makes it one of the best co-op survival crafting games available.

Ark: Survival Evolved

  • Immersive prehistoric world filled with dinosaurs and ancient creatures
  • Detailed dinosaur taming system that adds depth to survival mechanics
  • Robust base-building features that encourage creativity and defense strategies

Ark: Survival Evolved elevates the open world survival coop games genre by thrusting players into a rich, prehistoric environment where dinosaurs roam free. The key to survival in this world is not just scavenging and crafting but also taming the ancient beasts themselves. Players can work together to build secure bases, breed dinosaurs, and explore hazardous locations filled with high rewards. Ark's versatile gameplay mechanics, combined with its extensive co-op features, make it one of the top survival coop games, particularly for players looking for open world co op survival games on PC and consoles alike.


  • Unique blend of cooperative gameplay and horror, creating intense experiences
  • Dynamic investigation system that changes with each playthrough
  • Immersive sound design that amplifies the eerie atmosphere

In Phasmophobia, players dive into the role of paranormal investigators, tasked with identifying and gathering evidence of the supernatural. This game stands out among coop horror survival games for its innovative use of voice recognition, where ghosts react to player voices through Ouija boards and EVP sessions. The unpredictable nature of each investigation encourages teamwork and communication, making Phasmophobia a thrilling choice for those interested in co op survival horror games with a fresh twist. It's a heart-racing experience that ranks high among PC co op survival games and has garnered a strong following on streaming platforms.

Deep Rock Galactic

  • Team-based gameplay emphasizing class roles and cooperation
  • Destructible environments that encourage strategic mining and exploration
  • Wide variety of alien creatures that require teamwork to overcome

Deep Rock Galactic sets itself apart as one of the best coop survival games with its focus on space dwarves mining precious resources on dangerous planets. The game shines with its class system, where players must cooperate to tackle the procedurally generated cave networks filled with alien foes. The necessity for teamwork in navigating through environments and combat situations solidifies its place as a fantastic co op survival game on PC. Whether drilling through mountains or defending against swarms of aliens, Deep Rock Galactic offers an action-packed cooperative experience.

7 Days to Die

  • Combines traditional survival mechanics with tower defense and RPG elements
  • Post-apocalyptic world that evolves with each day, increasing the challenge
  • Extensive crafting and building systems for sophisticated base construction

As one of the survival horror coop games, 7 Days to Die presents a ruthless, post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. The game is a blend of survival, crafting, and horde defense mechanics that pushes players to their limits. Every seven days, a blood moon rises, leading to a night of relentless zombie assaults that test your base's defenses and your team's preparation. This cyclical challenge, combined with the freedom to explore, craft, and build, makes 7 Days to Die a standout among coop survival games, especially for those who enjoy open world survival coop games.

The Forest

  • Survival horror experience in a mysterious, cannibal-infested forest
  • Freedom to build, craft, and survive in an open-world setting
  • Engaging story that unfolds through exploration and interaction with the environment

The Forest merges the thrill of survival with the eerie suspense of horror to craft a gripping narrative-driven adventure. Players find themselves in a lush, dangerous forest following a plane crash, challenged not only by natural survival needs but also by the threat of cannibalistic inhabitants. The game excels in offering players freedom with how they choose to survive, making it an exemplary entry in the realm of open world survival games with co op. Whether building elaborate fortresses or delving into the depths of the island's caves, The Forest provides a deeply immersive and unsettling cooperative experience that is hard to match.

These selections highlight the versatility and excitement contained within the coop survival games genre. Each game, with its unique setting, gameplay mechanics, and challenges, promises hours of engaging content for friends eager for their next adventure. Whether you prefer battling prehistoric beasts, uncovering the mysteries of the supernatural, delving underground as space dwarves, surviving the zombie apocalypse, or uncovering the secrets of a mysterious island, there's a coop survival game out there for everyone.

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