Discover Free Games Like Rust

Embark on a thrilling gaming adventure without spending a dime. Explore our top picks of free survival games like Rust today!

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Discover Free Games Like Rust
Discover Free Games Like Rust

Immerse yourself in nail-biting adventures with our selection of free games like Rust. These games pack in just as much challenge, adrenaline and creativity as Rust, but without the price tag. Ready to dive in? Buckle up, because the ride starts here.

Best Free Games that Rival Rust

Make no mistake, these games aren't Rust knockoffs, they are high-quality games that bear striking similarities to Rust without compromising on their unique elements. Let's embark on the journey!

Table of Contents

1. Unturned: Brave a Zombie-Infested World

2. Scrap Mechanic Survival: Birth of Ingenious Survivors

3. Roblox Survival Games: Endless Worlds

4. Creativerse: Unleash Your Creativity

5. Last Oasis: Survival in the Move

6. 7 Days to Die: Zombie Warzone

7. Trove: Quest for Eternity

8. Starbound: Galactic Survivor

9. Terraria: Dig, Fight, Explore, Build

10. Final Rendezvous: Choose your Adventure

Unturned: Brave a Zombie-Infested World

Try to Survive in the Open-World, Zombie-Infested Sandbox of Unturned -  Xbox Wire

If Rust and Minecraft had a love child, Unturned would be it. The blocky visuals of Minecraft combined with the intense survival strategy of Rust make for a compelling gaming experience. And the best part? It's free!

Just like in Rust, players in Unturned are thrown into an unforgiving environment and expected to survive. Only instead of other players, the main threat is hordes of flesh-eating zombies. Keeping your health, hunger, thirst, and radiation under check is crucial for your survival.

  • Co-op mode: Battle together with your friends against the undead.
  • Rich environments: Explore diverse landscapes, from frozen wastelands to sunny beaches.

Why rely on “Unturned” as a worthy alternative?

Unturned might appear simplistic at first glance, but don't let the graphics fool you. It comes packed with engrossing survival mechanics, a vast map, and a wide array of vehicles. This free survival game is an excellent choice for fans of Rust.

Scrap Mechanic Survival: Birth of Ingenious Survivors

Its Finally Here! - Scrap Mechanic Survival Mode - YouTube

Fancy surviving in a land inhabited by rogue farming bots? Then, Scrap Mechanic Survival is just the game for you. It's a multiplayer sandbox game, packed with exploration and creativity, perfect for players who enjoy building mechanisms to ensure survival.

In Scrap Mechanic Survival, you find yourself on a farming planet where the machines have gone berserk. Your challenge is to survive and build shelters using any available materials—the twist here, you can create moving machines!

No two players will have the same experience in this game, making it a perfect fit for creative minds and lovers of Rust.

Roblox Survival Games: Endless Worlds

Best Roblox Survival Games To Play [2023] - Gamer Tweak

Love Rust's intense battles and challenging survival elements? How about dipping your toes in the endlessly creative world of Roblox's Survival Games? Think of it as a buffet of survival games at your fingertips. Whether you prefer to wage post-apocalyptic wars, survive on a deserted island, or fight off zombies, Roblox has got you covered.

Here are our top three Roblox survival games similar to Rust:

  1. Survival Island by crazyman32: Stranded on an island with nothing, start from scratch. Just beware of the sharks!
  2. Apocalypse Rising by Gusmanak: Scavenge for resources and battle zombies in a post-apocalyptic world.
  3. Booga Booga by Soybeen: A tribal survival game filled with exploration, building, and combat.

Creativerse: Unleash Your Creativity

Creativerse Unleashes Player-Created Blueprints in New Update

Ever wanted to turn your survival strategies into creations? With Creativerse, you can do just that. As a sandbox game, Creativerse puts the power in your hands, offering you endless opportunities to create and conquer your world.

Loaded with multiple biomes, victory isn't achieved simply by surviving, but also by exploiting the resources in your environment to build. The more you explore, the more you discover, and the more inventive you can be.

If you love the crafting and building aspects of Rust, you'll feel right at home with Creativerse.

Last Oasis: Survival on the Move

Survival MMO Last Oasis Turns Out To Be Too Early For Early Access

If your interest in Rust revolves around the thrill of combat and survival, Last Oasis serves that up on a giant desert-meets-steampunk platter. Picture this: the world has stopped rotating, every survival count, and your home is a giant mobile walking base.

This nomadic survival MMO takes the survival genre to new heights, literally, with the introduction of customizable walking bases. Can you engineer and pilot your walking city across a dried ocean, fighting off pirates along the way? Welcome to Last Oasis.

  • PvP combat: Hone your swordplay and defend your walker against pirates.
  • Group up: Safe passage requires teamwork in this harsh desert world.

How does the desert call for die-hard Rust fans?

Last Oasis extracts the major elements of surviving in Rust: crafting, dealing with hostile players, honing strategic combat, and takes it a few notches higher. Trying to sustain your moving base while under constant threat of conflict adds a whole new dynamic that any Rust fan would relish.

7 Days to Die: Zombie Warzone

7 Days to Die Review - Gamerheadquarters

If you ever wondered how Rust would play out in a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world, then 7 Days to Die is probably the answer. In this game, you're thrust into a decaying world crawling with the undead, and survival requires more than just finding food and water.

The zombies are relentless, but during daylight, they are rather slow and clumsy. That's your cue to explore, scavenge, craft, build, and lay traps. But once night falls, the tables turn, as the zombies become faster and more aggressive. The survival strategy here is less about Rust's PvP style and more about a player-vs-environment approach, making every decision count.

Trove: Quest for Eternity

Hubdate Tutorial Quests - Hubdate - Trovesaurus

Trove is a free sandbox MMO where you are tossed into a universe brimming with endless realms and adventures. It shares Rust's passion for building and exploration but injects a more vibrant, fantasy spin into the mix. Trove offers a wide array of character classes to choose from featuring unique abilities, ensuring a distinct experience for every player.

"But how is Trove similar to Rust?"

Both games foster a strong sense of community and shared adventure, with their multiplayer settings. Plus, the theme of crafting and base building is fundamental in both. Trove also embraces the thrill of combat, although with a more lighthearted touch in comparison to Rust's gritty nature. If you love Rust but wouldn't mind a dash of lighthearted color to your gameplay, Trove might just be the game for you.

Starbound: Galactic Survivor

New Update: Improved player models, 3d radar map, bug fixes and more news -  Empyrion - Galactic Survival - Mod DB

Why confine survival to the Earth when you can have the entire universe at your disposal? Starbound hands you your spaceship and a galaxy ripe for exploration.

“In Starbound, you create your own story - there’s no wrong way to play! You may choose to save the universe from the forces that destroyed your home, uncovering greater galactic mysteries in the process, or you may wish to forego a heroic journey entirely in favor of colonizing uncharted planets.”

Terraria: Dig, Fight, Explore, Build


If the draw to Rust is the freedom of choice, adaptability and creativity, then you might find a new addiction in the pixelated world Terraria. While this 2D sandbox survival game might lack Rust’s brutal realism, it compensates with its depth of exploration, unending loop of discovery, crafting, and intense boss battles.

With the slogan "Dig, Fight, Explore, Build" you’re free to shape your Terraria experience to your liking just like in Rust. Whether you choose to be a warrior, a builder, a farmer, or an explorer, the world is at your whim to reshape as you please. It’s a vibrant alternative for Rust fans seeking a dash of retro adventure.

Final Rendezvous: Choose your Adventure

Surviving, battling, and crafting just like in Rust, but without a price tag?  All these games channel varied aspects of Rust's gameplay from building and crafting, intense PvP action to survival strategies, but they bring their own enriching quirks to the table, making your gaming journey unique and enthralling. So, explore these realms today and reignite that burning gaming flame!

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